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Reversed image on mobile app

If I use the mobile app as a source I get a reversed image. It looks bad if a sign in the background is not readable because the letters look like in mirror.
How can I change this behavior? I use an Android phone with Android 9.1 (Huawei P20 pro).


OK, I found it.
Solution: click on Zoom icon in main window. There are also options to manipulate the image e.g. rotate, mirror. :slight_smile:

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Well. This flips the mirrored image from the cam. Captions via “lower thirds” still remain mirrored.
Any clue on how to flip the lower third?

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the same happens to me with the effects and the subtitles … any ideas?

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This is also affecting me, and means I can’t use the lower thirds/subtitles at all which is pretty disappointing. Can a simple ‘flip’ be added to these effects or at least a response to this thread? Thanks!

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Me too! Big problem when using ManyCam as my webcam option in GoToTraining. Whole image is mirrored. I can flip the image, but cannot rectify how the lower third text is displayed. This is a BIG problem for me.

Any answer on this yet?

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I can not use the third lowers, the clocks and other graphics too. Please offer us a solution like a flip mirroring option.

@Manycamteam, Your response is important as we are thinking in manycam as an easy to operate pro tool for our business presentations but so far it doesnt add the functionalities we were looking for. Please reply with a time or workaround solution.

Thanks in advance.

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Hey everyone!

Can you post screenshots to illustrate what you see on both ends? Also, what ManyCam updates are you using?

Here are screenshots of both ManyCam and Google Meet. I am running version on a Dell Latitude. I have tried switching webcams and I get the same result. This also happens with Zoom. Any help is appreciated.

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Has anybody from manycam found a solution?


Is there any update to this?? I use ManyCam when teaching children and being able to see the commands in the correct orientation would be incredibly helpful. The “transform” flip only works on my camera, not the effect.

Workaround on OSX and e.g. Google Hangout

Install “Quick Camera” from AppStore. Start “Quick Camera” and select virtual manycam as source (camera → select source). Depending on setup you may use “camera → Mirror Image or Rotate Image”. Select “camera → borderless mode”

Start Google Hangout. Select Screenshare → Application - Select QuickCamera - Voila

Anyway flipping video output of virtual cam is heavily needed