[RESOLVED] Facebook Live issues

Problem summary

For the past few days, we’ve been experiencing issues related to the ManyCam’s default Facebook Live server. The problem occurred following the app permission changes that Facebook has started to implement on their end.

This has affected the default Facebook server option only. Going Live with the custom RTMP server and from the Facebook newsfeed is still fully functional in ManyCam.

What alternatives are there?

You can still go live on Facebook with ManyCam using the custom RTMP server option or by choosing the ManyCam Virtual Webcam from your Facebook newsfeed.

When is this going to be fixed?

This is a temporary issue, and we expect Facebook to resolve it within the next week.

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Hi, I did receive this message, that was two weeks ago, I was expecting this issue to be resolved over a week ago as the message says but still the problem hasn’t been resolved.

hi @ericbense,

Despite it took much longer than we expected, the issue with Facebook has now been fixed.