[RESOLVED] Audio Output broken

I upgraded to the latest Beta, only to find that the audio output (to my speakers) is not working.
I can still stream out with audio, or connect via virtual webcam, with audio, but my audio playback options dropdown are not there.

I also tested the current regular release, which has the same problem.

I have reverted to version, which seems to be working fine.

BetaNoAudio RegularwithAudio

I experienced exactly the same issue also with the beta version. After updating to and also with I did submit a screenshots as well as a Dxdiag output to ManyCam.

Like you I re-installed

I always use ‘issue’ until confirmed.

I have the same exact problem. It appears that Windows is no longer communicating with Manycam. How do I download the previous version?

There are several things that you can possibly do:

  1. did you create a restore point before updating?
    • it is prudent to do so if not done
    • if done then do a restore
  2. did you keep a copy of the update before you installed?
    • you could re-install the previous version
      a. with the d/l of the version prior to the performing the update
      b. make a clean reinstall - uninstall the ManyCam version that indicates the issue
      then reinstall the previous version.
      Take your mouse cursor and hover over the file to verify if that is the previous version; the ‘bubble’ will tell you what is the version of the file.

Perhaps ManyCam can make a link to d/l the previous version?

Fortunately, I have several previous versions saved to go back to.

However it would be better for Manycam to fix it a release the fix.

I concur that a ‘fix release’ is the better avenue to go BUT they have to identify the issue which ti this point ManyCam hasn’t done yet.

Likewise with me, it is experience that teaches us to be prudent.

I do suspect that a hook is missing and that the issue at hand is not isolated as there are now three users/members with the identical problem/issue.

A simple comparison between and should identify and confirm the issue.

I wonder if this issue is also present with the Mac as opposed to the Windows environment.

ManyCam was able to reproduce the issue and here is their suggestion(s).
Tryy the following steps:

  1. Install the old version,
  2. Make sure that “Default playback device” is selected
  3. Install the latest version.

@Stephen_O_Donnell @mapleleaf @MrsC
The problem should be fixed in beta: https://manycam.com/beta/

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Perfect, thank you.

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