Request for a new function. Very important!!!

I would like to see in the next updates a very necessary function for mixing audio that comes to different RTMP servers? For example, I have several audio streams (sound from the webcam and sound from the Mozilla and Opera browsers) I would like to be able to configure Mute for different broadcasts (remove all sound from some sources for a specific broadcast). For example, to broadcast on Youtube, so that only the sound from the camera and the Fierfox browser goes. For example, on a broadcast, Facebook, only sound from a webcam. And On the twitch broadcast, there was sound only from the Opera browser. At the same time, the video was broadcast to all these streaming services simultaneously (only the active audio tracks that were broadcast to each of these sites were changed). This is convenient if you want to watch a movie in the background and only you can listen to it or an audiobook without stopping the broadcast and without disturbing all the viewers. I think this would be very much liked by many users who use manycam to work and earn money every day for several hours. Sometimes you get tired and want to relax while working, but you have to wait for the end of the stream to enjoy a movie or listen to the news. It would be nice if these settings could be set in the RTMP stream settings. Thanks!