Renaming webcam


Can someone please help me out with finding the right version of many cam that lets me rename the camera and have it recognised as that name in a browser?

At the moment if I rename in the app, the webcam option still displays as the default many cam name in the browser settings.

The Mac I am on is running High Sierra 10.13.6

I am happy to use any browser this works on. And can download any older version of the software to make this work.

Is there anyone out there that has found a combination of Mac os/ browser version / many cam version that actually lets you rename and have the browser recognise this renamed cam?

Any help appreciated.


Hey @Somethingrandom

Have you tried this?

Hi, thanks for your message. Yes. I’ve tried to rename in the app but it doesn’t seem to translate over to Chrome. When I go into chrome camera settings it still displays as the default name and not the name I had given it.

Any other ideas would be greatly appreciate.

Surely someone out there is using a Mac, chrome and IS able to rename the cam and have chrome recognise it? If so what versions of the Mac chrome and many cam are you using?


Try restarting Chrome and ManyCam after you renamed the webcam. This should work.