Remote Video Sources

If someone is in another city using their webcam, how do I import them to my Manycam as a live video source?


Hey @Vedivan,

To see a guest in the corner, you can try adding them via our mobile app:
Part 1, your guest’s actions:

  1. Create a new ManyCam account,
  2. Login to the account on a mobile device. The device will be added to Devices list on a website,
  3. Login to the account at, navigate to,
  4. Find the device on the list and click Share, type-in the email address of the account with which access should be shared, click Share. An invite email will be sent.

Part 2, your actions:

  1. Find an invitation email and accept it. The device will be added to your account.
  2. Now you can add the guest’s device as a video source.

Please note that your guest must accept each new connection.

To display the guest’s device in the corner, use the Picture-in-Picture mode

Another way of adding a video feed from your guest is to add it via RTMP Ingest: