Reduce overall latency

I make extensive use of Manycam both when presenting online and in meetings.
I have noticed that whilst my audio and video remain in sync (I use multiple presets and feed the audio through Manycam in order to mix multiple sources) there is a significant delay between what I say / do and what gets sent out by the virtual webcam (around 2 seconds).
The Manycam interface itself is showing everything in real time and for broadcast-style delivery, it isn’t an issue, but if I use it to have a conversation, it becomes impossible!
What can I do to reduce this lag? Is this down to Graphics cards, Processor, Memory?
Alternatively, are there any settings I can tweak?

Hey @Wierdbeard65

Please first install this version of ManyCam:

Then follow these steps to resolve the problem:

  1. Try enabling the Force driver output resolution setting in ManyCam Settings -> General.
  2. Select the 480p resolution in ManyCam. How to change resolution in ManyCam:
  3. Try connecting ManyCam with the platform/application again and see if the lag is still there.
  4. Switch to a wired internet connection,
  5. If you use a USB hub to connect your webcam, please connect the webcam directly,
  6. If your webcam has a long cable, please try another webcam,
  7. Try using a different USB port on your machine.

If the lag is still present, proceed with the following troubleshooting guides: