Recovery Password Email not Received


I am trying to reset my password on the site so I can see my subscriptions, however when I request and email to be sent in the the recover password section, I do not get the email that will allow me to reset my password.

I get the confirmation that it was sent:

"We’ve sent you an email to reset your password.

Please check your inbox for an email from ManyCam, then simply click the link to reset your password "

Checked spam, junk etc and the email is not there.

Can someone please assist.

Hey @Cobretti,

Please let me know if the issue remains.

Hi @Mikhail,

It remains but Christopher has been dealing with the issue.

For anyone who may have the same issue, check your email filters for header usually has a lot of spammers using this services so it get’s blocked sometimes.

Disable that filter temporarily and the email comes through.