Recorded MP4 Corrupt file

When I import a Manycam recorded video into Camtasia, the video playback is full of glitches.

The file will play fine in GomPlayer, but when imported to Camtasia, Premier Pro or other editing software, it is full of missing frames, which show as black when rendered.

Manycam people, can you tell me what to do.

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Unfortunately ManyCam doesn’t yet support constant frame rate recording, please convert your recording to CFR before importing. You may use HandBrake:

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Like ieo said, just convert VFR recording to CFR one. Many screen recorders do support they two and allow users to define beforhand.

Dear Stephen, Once the video file corrupt, glitches due to many reasons. The solution is used a video repair software like Grau, Stellar Repair for Video which easily repair corrupt mp4 , mov, mkv, etc. I hope the given information help you out!

As mentioned before, running the file through Handbrake is the solution.
It outputs the file in M4v format, which you simply need to change the name to MP4

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