Record ManyCam video calls

How do I make video calls using ManyCam to another ManyCam user?

Me and my friend (who lives halfway across the world) want to record our video calls using ManyCam.

We both have paid versions of ManyCam and have been using Skype to video call each other.

Is there a way to integrate our Skype sources into ManyCam so we can record and use all the functionality of ManyCam?

Hi @ExpandYourMind

Thank you for joining the community. Select ManyCam Desktop capture -> App Window -> Skype as a ManyCam video source.

Once done, start Recording, and minimize ManyCam.

Hi @ExpandYourMind

To record audio your friend is saying in Skype (or any audio produced by other apps) add “System sound” as audio input in addition to your mic:


On Mac, capturing system sounds will require some tweaking. Please check out this page for more detail -