Random Pops during Recording

My first post and it is a doesy. So far, Manycam is great for teaching online but not so good for recording the exact same thing. As you see in the pic above, during recording these artefacts are occurring randomly. This seems to be a bug and I am quite disappointed in this. Please address and mend this problem.

I record at 25p, 1080 with a Rode NT-USB and Canon 90D with Magewell HDMI convertor and Canon 80D with an Elgato HD60S+, on a Late 2013 iMac running Mojave. Audio is at 192kbs at CBR (don’t know what that is). Please help.

I tried different Audio Bitrates, and nothing seems to stop the pops. This is a deal breaker, with every minute spent makes me feel like money lost.


Could you please try other audio inputs (e.g. built-in mic) and let us know i it also produces pops during recording?

I have the exact same problem. Streaming goes well, but recording creates these pops every once in a while. I can’t figure out what causes it. Took me almost all day to try different settings, but nothing solved it.

I tried with the built in mic, and one of te cam’s mics but same problem.

I think I have found the problem. When the frame rate of ManyCam refreshes - no matter at VBR or CBR at any quality setting - the pops happen. It has nothing to do with the mics. I am at 25fps and have recorded the exact same short video with Quicktime, ManyCam and Skype concurrently, using the same gear at exactly that same time.

The result: no pops on either Skype or Quicktime, and pops on ManyCam.

I’ve also tracked CPU usage of ManyCam and according to my findings, ManyCam is not well optimised for Mac running OS Mojave. This is disconcerting coming from a app that is “supposedly” marketed as a Mac-friendly platform.

ManyCam’s CPU usage fluctuates as much as 42-83%, especially if I am running 5 scenes, with two cameras with two concurrent small Quicktime window captures inside the scene, then two separate scenes with only the HDMI capture card feeds, and a last scene as a three-in-one, with two cameras and a Quicktime window capture.

Because of these lacklustre performance markers, I regret ever upgrading to a non-basic license.