Purchasing recommendation

i use Manycam now for quite a while. And i love it.

I understand that the way i use it need a lot of system power. In heavy use i am down to 8 frames in manycam, which is not sufficient.

Therefor i want to buy a new system.
I would like to have some system recommendations for my use case:

General usage:
Online Presentation and Webinars

At least two screens.
two USB Cameras (Webcam, Plus Document camera) maximum 4 Cameras (one Mobile phone)

  • Virtual Backround trough greenscreen (I would ike to use blur but if i do the system is very very slow or crashing)

  • videos from youtube and other sources

  • Presentation software Prezi online and stand alone sometime powerpoint, plus sometimes google earth for a motivation game

webinar software adobe connect, zoom, google meet for the most of the time

what hardeware do you recommend for such a heavy use?

And a additional question. How important is the grafic card in this?

I just updated my own topic on this subject: Hardware advice for dedicated Manycam PC Perhaps that is of help. My use case is similar to yours. I went for a combi of a very powerful CPU AMD 9 3900X and a moderately heavy GPU RTX 2060 SUPER. This system easily does the task. Perhaps a slightly cheaper system would suffice, but I like the extra headroom for possible future extensions of heavy applications

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