Problem with elements after update

I use MC to teach online. I frequently use elements that I made of numbers that cover spaces on matching games, etc. It was working wonderfully for me after I discovered that if I wanted to hide the number that the student chooses, I simple had to click on the number (element) and it would appear at the bottom of the element list. That made if very easy for me to quickly find it and hide it so the game moved along smoothly.

After the last update this no longer work! I have to lean in very close to see the tiny number on the list. It is slow, and I sometimes click on the wrong one. It is more stressful as I try to make this a fun game for the student while not being stressful for me.

Is there any way to get this to work again?? It seems like a trivial thing but, for me, it is a really important thing. Please help!!


PS After the update, I had some elements (like the many numbers I had made) show up as a different size. They had to be reloaded, each one being carefully resized, a tedious task. When a computer program is working fine for me I hate to see an update because it always seems to bring a new problem (hello Microsoft Windows!!)

@ldrake764 Could you provide a screenshot?