Presets Not Always Saved or Not Functional After Restart

I have a preset that has my webcam feed in the bottom left corner. I turned my Powerpoint into a video and It place it in the top right corner. After I close ManyCam and open it up again, the link to the media is gone although I did not move it nor did I reboot the computer. Now, if the layer is linked to the ManyCam mobile app on another device or is linked to a live webcam feed on my laptop…that opens up just fine after restarting the app. In fact, if I have the entire screen as a video feed, it comes back fine after restarting the app, along with solid colors. Where trouble comes is with media that has been connected to play or show…it doesn’t stick. If I have Chrome or Safari open and I have chosen that app window…it comes back so long as I have not closed the browser and created a new window. Is there any way to make a backup of the presets so a new ManyCam update doesn’t blow them away?

This happens to me also, also Every-time I close down computer it says that I don’t have a subscription anymore. I think it has something to do with the IP address reset… but unsure.

Hey @shell_croft @Stephen_Bennett

Do you still experience this issue? We have released a new version of ManyCam, you download it here:

It contains many enhancements, new features, and several bug and crash fixes. Let me know if it works better.