Preset for Virtual BG doesn't fill screen

I have several presets depending on which company i am teaching for. However, a couple of the presets don’t allow the background to use the whole screen. There are gray bars on each side. All of my presets are set for 480p and 30fps. I’m using Win10 Pro and an LG C922 Pro cam. The screen if full in most, but three of them aren’t and it cuts off the background. Anyone know what the problem may be and how to fix it? Thanks!

Hey @johnjayr

Do the images used in those prests match the resolution selected in ManyCam? In particular, the aspect ratios. Also post a few screenshots to illustrate what’s going on.

they did, but then i had to revise them so that the writing was included in the background. What i don’t understand is why just doing the upgrade changed all my backgrounds and the way they worked.

Hey @johnjayr

Can u post a few screenshots or a video to illustrate the issue?

i can’t anymore, since i had to go in and revise the backgrounds in order to fix the problem. I have to use them for teaching, so i couldn’t wait to find out it there was another way to do it. Thanx anyway.