Preset as source with transparent background

I was just testing the 7.8.039 beta for windows. The ability to add an existing preset as a layer is great. I thought I’d be able to use this so I could have set up say preset 1 to chroma key my webcam, with a transparent background, and then I use preset 1 in other presets, as a source to layer over other backgrounds. But, I can’t find a way to set the background of preset 1 to be transparent, it is alway black. The closest I got is creating a JPG with a rectangle of the green screen colour, putting that in the background of preset 1, and then doing a chroma key on THAT as source in other presets. The goal here is having just one place where you set your chroma key, for many different virtual backgrounds. That’s a snap in OBS, but the chromakey in ManyCam is far better. Hope you will be able to add this. It’s not clear to me any way why the default background should be black.