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Preferred Streaming Output

I stream worship services regularly on a Sunday morning with Manycam directly to YouTube and ZOOM. My output is 30 fps at 1080p to YouTube. ZOOM picks up Manycam as the default camera. For quite a while I had no problems doing this. However, for the last few weeks I am constantly getting “RTMP server exceeding limit” and YouTube showing an error of not receiving enough video feed. My internet bandwidth was always 6GB for uploads. My video setting in Manycam is “Prefer Media Foundation (Hardware)”. I was “advised” 6GB should be sufficient for this transmission.
Has Manycam increased the bandwidth requirements? Is 6GB upload sufficient? Or am I not using the correct setting?
Any guidance would help.

Hey @Cleve ,

Please provide a screenshot of the error.

Hello @ieo I will not be able to provide this before Sunday, December 19. I did not take a screenshot when it occurred and I will not be streaming again until then. I will update this thread then. Would you also need the logs?

Hello @ieo, I did a transmission today with the faults still present. I took some screenshots from both YouTube and ManyCam. I will upload two here. I am also going to open a support ticket to upload as much data as I can.

These shots were taken at the same time, one in YouTube and the other from ManyCam. Somehow, YouTube is identifying an incorrect framerate for my output.
Any ideas?

Hey @Cleve ,

Thanks for details. I guess the message is self-explanatory:


Network condition doesn’t allow to send such amount of data, consider improving your network e.g. by using gigabit ethernet (not Wi-Fi), faster speed on ISP side etc.