Powerpoint timings and transitions

When running a slide show, the transitions and timings set in powerpoint are not used. Instead, slides are advanced every few seconds, regardless of instructions.
Is there a way to modify the slide timings? Manycam is advancing the slides too quickly. Thanks.

For PowerPoint presentations, I set the transition time to Custom, 3600 seconds. Then, when I am running ManyCam , displaying the PowerPoint presentation, I manually move through the slides.

I run 2 different ppt presentations at the same time. One, I advance manually while the other is timed and looped. What I finally did to the loop was that I duplicated each slide 4 times. Instead of 10 slides I have 10*4=40 slides. The looped presentation comes out looking the way I wanted it. It’s a workaround, but it’s the best I can do. Regards.