PowerPoint as Video Source and Advancing Slides

Is it possible for two people to be working in MultiCam: one person switching camera views, etc. and another person simultaneously advancing PowerPoint slides (within a PowerPoint video source)? Is there a set of hotkeys that could advance the PowerPoint slides while the second operator is switching camera views, etc? Or would PowerPoint have to be controlled on a separate computer and fed into the main computer operating MultiCam? (Is this hardware connection even possible??) I’m just trying to come up with a livestream plan that doesn’t leave one person juggling all tasks. Suggestions welcome! Thank you.

Hi CamDavid - We’ve had some success when using PowerPoint and ManyCam on the same Windows 10 computer.

For changing slides, we’ve used both a standard presentation remote as well as n/p up/down keys. One major disadvantage we’ve experienced with PowerPoint is that if a video is playing and you have to alt-tab between apps, the video freezes. (Just experienced the same thing with Windows Movies&TV app this morning.)

We’ve also used Google Slides. The videos continue to play smoothly if you have to switch between apps.

Depending on your setup, you could have a second keyboard plugged in for the 2nd operator so they’re not trying to play a duet on one keyboard.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have more questions about the setup. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Conley. These are all great tips. Thank you!

Too bad that there isn’t a way to advance slides while PowerPoint is running in the background – to avoid having to switch between apps and experiencing the video freezing issues.

up until about a year ago we had the ability to advance to the next slides using or go back to the previous slides in the preview mode, which was EXTREMLY helpful, and needed. When speaking having the ability to have the next slide ready is a must before transitioning. Then that ability stopped. I don’t remember which update it was, but it was around the beginning of 2020. Can you bring that ability back?