Popping or Click sound

I am a new user paid subscription since 4 6 2020 and the video is just Great, however I am having a problem with audio with sounds inside the sound and it does sound like a Clicking or Popping sound
Any one have any ideas how to fix

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Bump. I’m still having issues with this as well.

Same here. Would be very nice to be able to record lessons

@Mikhail Is this a known issue? I cannot reproduce on my end.

Well, I’ve had this issue since I bought Manycam, and more people seem to have this problem. Don’t know if that makes it a known issue, but an issue for some people nonetheless.

Definitely! I just want to make sure we send this to QA to get some feedback, knowing if it’s a known issue will help me know where we’re at from a “fixing it” point of view.

Also tagging @ieo just in case.

Ok, thanks, I hope there will at be an explanation for this, that would be nice.

Happens for me when I change FPS in ManyCam. Do you guys have it when you just record movies without even touching ManyCam, right? Does it have clicking when you don’t record?

It happens when I record, tried all settings. It doesn’t happen when streaming, only when recording. At first I thought it was my 2013 iMac that couldn’t handle it, but now I have a brand new 2019 iMac (32 gb RAM, 8 gb Radeon) and even though it does seem to work better, it still happens every now and then.

I tried all settings and for me now it works best with Audio bitrate type at CBR (192 kbps) and Vid bitrate at 20000. But I tried many different settings and it always happens. The thing that seems to have the most influence is the audio bitrate type. But I have no clue why.

Hi @Montis, @musicman9684, @Jimbo

Could you please try our latest beta (v 7.2.0): https://manycam.com/beta/ ?
It seems it has the fix for this issue, but not sure. Would be great if you can try.

I have and a brand new iMac, still happens, even though it happens less, it still does.

My bad, I read the numbers wrong… I’ll update to the latest version right now and let you know later.

Hi ieo,

I’m sorry to tell you that the problem persists on the latest Beta, I tried different settings. Sometimes a recording goes well and sometimes the ticks are there again. I don’t know why, because sometimes it just starts without me changing anything.

I’ll make a movie and post it here later for you to see/hear, so you know what I mean.


I have a same problem…

Mac 10.15.4

Same here, on a late 2013 iMac running Mojave and a brand new iMac Pro. Even the new beta still pops. This needs sorting out, for my new computer’s specs are well and good enough for 4k steaming on 3 cameras.

I too teach and have resolved to recording the audio separately. ManyCam is too unpredictable and if you edit in post, the audio from any ManyCam recording is riddled with pops at random intervals. I’ve wasted too much time on trying to edit out the pops. And I have not even mentioned the frame drops!


Sorry to bother you again, but can you try one more time (new version 7.3): https://manycam.com/beta/

Hi ieo, it’s no bother at all! Thank you for taking this up and taking it seriously, because it would be so cool if I could record my lessons or even make youtube vids with Manycam. The pops and clicks are the reason I don’t at the moment, but other than that (and maybe not being able to save presets including all settings) I’m very happy with Manycam.

I’ll install right away and let you know later. I have a few lessons today, so time to test.


By the way, what settings for recording do you recommend?

I’ve done a few test recordings, and for now it seems to work without pops and clicks. I will do some more testin and let you know. In the meantime I’d still like to know what settings you recommend.

Thanks in advance,