Please consider my three suggestions!

I have a couple of changes I would like to suggest that you help me so much. I am an online teacher and have come to love ManyCam. It helps me SO much.

  1. Please consider putting rulers online where we upload our own effects and convert them to MCV files… Many times I am trying to make sets (like numbers, etc) and I need them to all be the same size. Right now I can only guess. When I try out my new object on the ManyCam screen only to discover the objects aren’t the same size so I have to go back and try again. This very tedious and time consuming! A simple ruler on the window where we convert objects to MCV files would help SO much!!!

  2. The next is somewhat related to the one above and probably a harder change for you make (I mean, really, how hard could it be to place a ruler on the window?? LOL!) I would love it if we could adjust the size of the object when we put it on the screen.

  3. Oops! One more…I use many, many objects for teacher and it would be such a great help to be able to add sub-folders to store objects. For example I could make a folder called “animals” with sub-folders like “zoo”, “farm”, “pets”, “water”, “forest”. Sometimes I need to pull out an object unexpectedly and spend so much time scrolling though all those animals, getting nervous while my student waits and waits for me. :frowning:

Okay, that’s it. I hope you will seriously consider my suggestions. Even though I love ManyCam, I felt the learning curve was quite steep when I started. I think my suggestions above would make it more user friendly…and sell more ManyCam!



Hey @ldrake764

Thank you for the suggestions.

For #1, I will look into this, but we’re actually changing a lot about how effects are created, curated and managed, so I’ll try and get some details on that for you, but a ruler sounds like a good idea in general for pixel size.

For #2, we’re actually working on this right now, here is a little .gif to show you what we’re doing, essentially, we’re working on a way to add effects in-app, add support for animated images and also make everything re-sizable!

For #3, I will definitely look into adding this to the roadmap. We’re doing a lot to revamp effects and sub folders seem like the obvious next step storage wise so I completely agree!

We’re actually adding a complete in-software method for downloading effects, effects packs and such so I think you will be pretty happy with the direction we’re taking.

I do hope, longer term at least, that we will be able to have a lot more ways for you to manage your effects in-app but also on a “cloud” basis where you will be able to have your effects set up on our end, and then when you login to another PC you will be able to “sync” your effects with the new PC.

Please let me know if you have any other suggestions as we’re always looking for new ways to improve ManyCam!