Playing Sound from Embedded PPT Video via Zoom / Teams


I have embedded a video with sound in a PPT, when I display the video, people can see the video but not hear the sound over a Zoom or Teams session!

I have added “System sound” and “what u hear” in the Audio Input section of the Audio (and dialed it up to max), but still the sound is not broadcast. Same if I want to play Spotify… no sound from any other application. They can hear my voice from my microphone no issues.

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong - is it Zoom causing the issue? Am using Windows 10.



I use this feature all the time (although with Adobe Connect, not Zoom)

When you select your microphone in zoom, have you selected the ManyCam virtual Webcam, or does it still show your physical Mic?

You will also need to add your physical Mic to ManyCam so it can mix it with the System audio before passing it to Zoom.


Spotify is the greatest platform of the world. Though it has some quality issues. So if you want to switch your playlist to other platform easily visit MusConv

Yes, you can also easily switch playlists to other platforms by accessing the ViWzard Spotify Music Converter. After downloading Spotify music offline, you can listen anytime, anywhere.

You cannot directly make a sound from Spotify into your PPT as Spotify encrypts DRM to protect songs. So you have to remove DRM first by using a Spotify converter. Did I make it clear?

Is this track comes from your local file? Music from Spotify is all protected. You are not able to add it to a slide directly. You will need to convert it to a normal file, and then add it to slides.