Play preset's media source automatically after transition

I’m using Premium. Would it be possible to get a Media set as a preset to play automatically after the transition. I have several pre-recorded videos I need to feature. I set them as a preset, however when switch to that preset the transition plays, but I must click the play button to start the video.

I would like an option to have the Media play automatically after the transition.

This appears to be related to playlists. If you place multiple video sources in a playlist, for instance: A blank white screen, a video file, and a blue screen.

The playlist plays correctly while setting it up and stops at the last item in the playlist. If then you move to different preset and choose the preset with the playlist again. The playlist is still on the last item in the playlist, so you have to go to video sources and click on the first item is the list to trigger the playlist.

It would be great if playlist would play and then reset to the beginning. A looping option might also be useful, if you wanted a short animated loop of slides.

Hey @J_Stuart_Johnson,

Thank you for putting that forward. From what you described, it seems that the features you need are all available in the Playlist mode, including the loop feature. Do you need the playlist features outside the playlist? Why does Playlist not suit your needs? Could you please elaborate.

I see it now. My mistake I was looking in the wrong place. I expected it to be under the playlist transition timing and transition box. I missed it under playlist/preset toggle. I upgraded to 7.06 premium and didn’t notice it with the UX changes, also i’m on a 4k,13in laptop doesn’t help, some icons are really small.

I feel like I’m having exactly this problem, although in my case I just want to have a single media file play when I use a preset.

Where in the UI is this? You mentioned “under the playlist/preset toggle”, but I’m not sure I know what that is!



I have always had this problem with videos and video playlists. I want the playlist to start at the beginning when I transition to it. I don’t see the toggle switch being discussed. I see no option other than opening the playlist hitting the “previous item” button THEN letting the videos play. This can’t be the way you’ve designed the product, can it?

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I have the same problem. Having to mess with playlists is a bad solution.

If you cut or transition between Presets, the media in the Preset should autostart. I shouldn’t need to then press play. One click is all it should take. I use footswitches to activate the hot-keys and switch presets.

This should be added to the program ( if it’s not there and I somehow missed it).

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Support says it’s not a feature. It’s weird because OBS has this function.

I’ve been using OBS and VLC connected as an inputs in Manycam via NDI or with OBS virtual camera.
That way I can, pre-prep graphics, titles and videos and then switch them live to Manycam. Problem is you really need multi-monitors or run OBS and VLC and NDI on a 2nd machine. I find a 2-5 second lead-in video helpful so I have time to switch to the preset.

I agree. The preset’s playlist should start over when I transition to the preset.

Does the current Manycam version allow this, or will it be in a future update? :slight_smile:

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