Play audio files

I would love to be able to add an audio layer to a static image (so an audio file plays while people see the static image) and/or the ability to add an audio file as a stand-alone preset. I have instances were I need to play an introduction for the next presenter (pre-recorded audio only introduction) and I can’t find a way to do that currently.

Im trying to do the same thing and getting nowhere. Here’s what I’ve tried.

  1. setting the client (in my case VIPKids) software to ManyCam Microphone
  2. in ManyCam setting Audio Inputs to System Sound
  3. Audio Playback Device to default and speaker/headphone
  4. Global Sound on
    None of this works.

I may have misunderstood what you are asking, but you can add audio tracks under audio playlist, situated at the bottom of the audio menu page. Add the file to the queue via add song double click the file and away it goes

Thanks Andrew, I actually tried that and while is sort of works, there’s a lack of control there. For instance, if I have five presenters and five different audio tracks for each (e.g. “please welcome, John Doe…”) it’s difficult to trigger the correct one and make sure it doesn’t loop into the next track. As such, having the ability to assign that audio track to its own window or, even better, add a separate audio track to an existing window (e.g. include it with a static image) would be wonderful.