Peer to Peer networking or not?

I am wondering what the various network paths are involved in manycam. For example, if we have several smartphone (mobile app) cameras all on the same wireless network as the device we are using to control the livestream, do these literally communicate peer to peer over the local network, or does each device communicate through the manycam servers back to the controller device. ie trying to isolate lag issues.

I think skype and other technologies use eg a central or dispersed server to create a connection, but then once a connection is created, two or more devices communicate directly with each other, rather than via centralised servers (which may be in different continents, thus latency issues arise)

Another part of this networking path question is with eg 2 or more simultaneous live feeds…

Does each livefeed feed directly from our own controller device, or is their one feed that is sent to the manycam server, and then individual feeds sent from the manycam servers to the providers such as youtube and facebook.

Hey @netpastor

ManyCam uses servers to uensure communication b/w devices and during live streaming.