Out of sync increases over time

at the beginning of a stream lasting a bit an hour, there is a slight out of sync ie less than half a second, but by the end of the stream I measured about 8.6 seconds lag ie audio first, then video 8.6 seconds later.

a static correction of lag is not likely to fix what appears to be an incremental lag.

wondering if other users or manycam have seen this, and whether there is a known cause o& workaround

Hi I had this yesterday. I can’t help but did wonder if it is overload on the system? Also it seems worse if I use my iPhone rather than a webcam as it has to stream?

If you use macOS, try the latest update (v 7.0.32) with some sync fixes.

Yes Happens every Broadcast. The longer the stream…the bigger the delay.

Have to reset constantly to make it better. It’s a detractor for my busines that requires hours of hours of streaming.

hi…this problem also happens to me. did you find a solution? thank you

Have we gotten a solution yet? It has nothing to do with overload because I have tried it at literally all hours of the day to get it right and it is frustrating!