Option to have video start when transitioned to

Have been asking for this for over a year now. We need the video files to start at the beginning when transitioned to, so we can play adverts between live sections. Right now the advert plays all by itself to the end and has to be manually rewound before we can play it, not only is this useless but it also slows the the PC down.
Struggling to understand how such an important piece of core functionally can be missing from what is otherwise a great piece of software, which by the way we pay for.


Agreed. I end up having to put a solid color for the transition and race to the Play button.

I also find that sometimes my preset order of assets will just randomly resort themselves which makes it even more of a challenge.

Would love to see this fixed.

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I thought I could not be alone wanting this fixed, so thank you!

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Correct, I also fully support this request and second the opinion that a video that just plays in the background is useless.

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Having the video autostart on load is about the one thing which never makes sense, so I have no idea why they insist on doing this. When I preload 10 videos Manycam become very unresponsive as they all play. Then at the end they stop and performance improves, but its a real hassle to remember to rewind them before the transition. I really don’t understand why they cant just fix this, as they clearly have code to pause the video already. This this should be 1 button and 2 lines of code

Not only that but the ability to start a video or preset manually not just Auto play.
The ability to have it start after selecting the preset would be EXPECTED. Not this playing by itself garbage.
But… It SHOULD have the option to start after a command.
There are many times when I want to switch to the preset, hold on that frame until I’m done talking… Not some arbitrary amount of time… THEN trigger the start of the video with a key.
Or better yet…

You know like real software?

Been using this a year now and not one obvious but like this has been fixed.

Time to go to OBS.
At least they actually listen.

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Would be interested to see if OBS has a better way to deal with running ads, thanks for the tip, as you say it may be time to switch. Its also free which is a bonus given the lack of support we are getting on the commercial version of ManyCam,

Adding to the request pile for this.

The playlist function for videos needs to be changed so there is an option to begin playback when transitioned to and if possible, for long playlists, stop and pause in between videos.


I am left wondering if anyone from the Manycam team actually read these

Two weeks later now… No it doesn’t look like they actually Read them. If they do… They probably just sit and laugh.
Now it’s not just time to use something else… It’s time to tell everybody else just how bad this sucks. It’s the only way sometimes companies take stuff seriously. The problem is not that many people use mini cam anyway, most are on OBS already.

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Struggling to understand why they have a forum which behaves like a black hole. I sent them direct mail and they told me to post here, to get it noticed. Bloody pointless