Of the three alternatives I have, which is the best webcam to use with Manycam or is the webcam irrelevant?

I have a Manycam Lifetime license. I have a room with a green background to take advantage of the virtual background and background removal feature, but the app still has trouble with the edges of my own image. Could this be a consequence of the camera I use (Logitech C922)?
Would the problem improve if I used a camera with Intel Realsense technology?
Is there a substantial difference in Manycam performance if I use an Intel Realsense D435 or an Intel Libar L515 camera?

Good green screening is very dependent on how you light and how far you are from the green screen. First make sure the backdrop is evenly lit but not too bright- contrast between the subject and the backdrop is key. Also move further away from the backdrop 4-6 feet if you can. Lastly add a Backlight- a light placed low and out of shot, but behind the subject pointing at the subject (not the backdrop), to lift the subject off the background, highlight the subjects hair and over power any color spill from the background.

Surprisingly… ManyCam’s background removal is one of the best I’ve ever seen even on low budget cameras. I don’t know who to thank. Shocker lol. The best part is you can run it on any layer so even if you have pre-recorded video you can instantly process it through the background blur/remover/etc.