OBS Black Screen when using ManyCam

Im trying to use manycam to capture video, remove background then feed to OBS as a video feed.
ManyCam, finds my cam. It is set to streaming.
In obs I add a video capture, select device as many cam virtual webcam & defaults.
OBS displays a black screen.
I’m on a Mac and have clicked all of the security / privacy settings I can find.
OBS can use the actual cam directly
Does anyone have any ideas ?
Hopefully, Ive not wasted my money as I have paid for manycam and this is the only use I have for it.

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Hi Jeff

I am experiencing something similar. The NDI output of Manycam is black. My guests on Zoom and Skype can no longer see me or the output of Manycam. I posted about it and sent support a direct email.

This is a new problem. Just a theory but NDI updated its tools to version 5 perhaps Manycam needs an update to work with the new tools. Not sure but I hope support gets on it soon.

You might need to open a port on your firewall for NDI discovery. To test this out, disconnect from the internet then open your firewall for 15 minutes to see if it fixes the problem. Look at the NDI site to find the firewall discover port number. I had open this port on both my sending and receiving computers but only for my local network.


As per my email. The mac fw is turned off.
The whole lan is behind a full dedicated fw between the lan and wan.

This really is dragging on beyond the ridiculous.

The amount of time you are expectinng me to help you fix your bug is beyond reasonable.

As I asked before give me a refund and end this.


I’m a user just like you. Just trying to help. I think you should open a ticket with ManyCam than vent on this board. As a user, I’m pretty happy with ManyCam myself. I looked into VMix but they are very expensive if you want any useful features. The only thing I miss about ManyCam really is the inability to use MIDI to control various functions and some functions are neither MIDI or shortcut controlled (like lower thirds).

I also had performance issues when using ManyCam with OBS. I was sending NDI from OBS on one PC to ManyCam on another. I now just grab the native NDI stream from the NDI WebCam Input directly.

I have yet to find anything as good as ManyCam for the price except perhaps OBS itself so for now, I’m mostly settling with ManyCam.


I apologise. I do have tickets on going with ManyCam, I made a mistake in thinking you were from their tech support.
They are messing me around a lot as you can guess Im past being polite.
But I do apologise to you and the forum for thinking you were Many Cam tech support.

FYI, There may be problems with OBS but my problem is with ManyCam. Even using its preview screen there is constant flickering, blotchy etc.
Ive tried just about every setting possible and many of their debug patches. Made loads of clips for them etc.
Basically its not working in a stable way. Ive tried built in cam ( MAC ) a real cam via usb. OS Updates.
Putting the OS into a mode giving extra logs for them etc etc.
Hence my frustration…
If it ever gets sorted which after months I now highly doubt. I will post a full description which may help anyone else who is suffering.
My MAC is pretty normal, nothing odd in its config. We tried a clean install. Latest OS etc etc.

Hey, if I turn NDI output on ManyCam and then Live Stream, I can create a new scene and video source in OBS studio and see the NDI stream.

Again to get NDI to work on my network at all, I had to open up the NDI discovery port on my firewall. Once I did this, everything just came together.

Keep in mind, I’m using ManyCam on PC for streaming but I guess I could open up my Mac and try it as well.


I just tested with my Mac and it works too.

I’m running Big Sur on my Mac 11.5.