** NO SUBSCRIPTION ** Received After Paying

Paid for Lifetime Studio, got a confirmation email for order 118898466 I’m using THE SAME email to log into the portal and in the client. No license / subscription is showing in the desktop app or web interface. Yes, I hit refresh.

Yes, I saw others having the same issue. No, no one provided any solution.

What gives??! What kinda scam is this?

Hi @nikg,

I see Studio Lifetime in your account, please try to check again here: https://manycam.com/my/subscriptions/
Please make sure you use the same account you used for the purchase, I see you used Google social login.
BTW, I also see that you requested to delete your account, should we cancel your request?

You guys need to fix / better manage your cookies.
I previously logged in with Google, then realized if I wanted to purchase I’d use a different email account.
I requested to delete my Google-related account and logged out (social). Then I created a new account with a new email. But it seems you linked the accounts the wrong way.
So, bottom line, the wrong email address is associated with a paid account. Can you ensure that the email that was used for registration/purchase/confirmation is set as paid?

controlla in mail dovrebbe esserti arrivato un codice di conferma. fammis apere

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