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No activation email 24hrs later

I made our purchase yesterday and have yet to receive an activation email or license. I have reached out via email several times and even sent proof of purchase. Nothing! Like seriously? How hard is it to send an email? I’m regretting this purchase already and have not used the product. The lack of communication is laughable especially since they state you receive Business customer support as a perk for paying for a business license.

Still do not have a working product after two days of purchasing. This is crazy.

Still nothing - product not working and have not received the activation email. All they do is send me an email to a post showing you how to download manycam and it does nothing to solve the activation issue. No response here or via email. This is what you are getting when you purchase manycam.

You might need to log in to ManyCam and then use the license management function to activate your instance.

I’ve abandoned, ManyCam and now use the more expensive and full featured set of vMIX

Thank you for the response. The problem is there is no license showing up under my account at all because I never received the email to activate the purchase.

If you experience this, most likely you haven’t finalized your purchase yet. In order to finalize it, please find an e-mail “Action Required: Activate your purchase ” from ManyCam (

For some reason, I cant get one person to send me the freaken email to activate my account properly and use the software, its insane. I will look at the vMix option. I need IP camera support.

Maybe a dumb question but did you see if it went to your SPAM email folder?

Not at all. Yes, I did check spam folder and even searched for text Action: Required as per their FAQ response on my last reply. The worst part of all this is the inept handling of this whole process. How hard is it for support to follow up with me until this is resolved? Instead, you get a stupid email pointing to FAQs that do not solve the issue. It’s not that hard, reach out to the person with the problem and help them solve it. Especially when you are paying for business and the highest plan. It frustrates the crap out of me when a company takes your money and doesn’t follow up with its customers. Look we have not even had one person from Manycam reply to this post. This goes beyond irresponsible it’s borderline customer abuse for a paying customer to not receive support from various emails and social posts.

Well maybe they are tied up in their lawsuit.

Exactly why I abandoned ManyCam when they sold the company and started charging their customers (with lifetime free upgrades) which broke their original commitment.

@frankic Sometimes credit card payments are processed by payment gateway with delay (1-2 days) to prevent fraud. I agree with you that this is very very inconvenient. As far as I know its going to be improved soon.