Newbie: ip camera not showing

I’m using manycam free version in windows 10 as a guest but it won’t work with a network camera. the network camera is on and working fine its on my own LAN and I can see the live camera image in a browser. I’ve made doubly sure the url is correct and I’ve enabled TCP streams.
is the free version limited in some way?

Check out the topic ‘is ManyCam a dead product’ in this forum. Don’t expect any support for IP cameras. I had to move on to OBS after it was made clear that ManyCam wasn’t interested in IP.

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thankyou in the meantime I have worked out that manycam will work with ‘droidcam client’ which enables you to use your phone as a webcam - which is what I’ve been trying to do all along. I was originally running ipwebcam on my phone which turns it into a network camera but manycam would not see it.

I’m a 28 year old web cam model finding a way to make my life better… I’ve acted since six for sears if someone could hit me up at that would be appreciated.