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Newbie here. My audio is no longer recording

I can see the ManyCam Audio is receiving a signal from my ProSonus Audobox USB 96
however ManyCam is not recording the audio signal.

I have many times in the past recorded my live stream broadcast, but now I am unable to do so.

Hey @SoundBytePro

Please first try our Audio troubleshooting: Audio Troubleshooting – ManyCam Help and Support

If none of the recommendations helped, please post the following:

  1. A screenshot of the Audio tab in ManyCam
    (for reference: ManyCam Interface – ManyCam Help and Support)
  2. A screenshot of the Audio settings on the website/ in the app you are streaming from
  3. ManyCam’s version (ManyCam Preferences/Settings → General → About ManyCam)
  4. Turn on “Audio Monitoring” in the ManyCam’s Audio tab and let us know if you hear the sound from your Mic.