Negative Audio Offset?

For some reason, my audio is already offset by about 300ms or so even when I have the audio sync offset set to 0ms. if I increase the audio offset amount, it only makes it worse… So is there a way to offset the video feed? Or to offset the audio by a negative amount?

or maybe there is some other setting I need to tweak to fix this?

Hey @jeremyers1

Can you please give a little more details on the specific setup you have, such as system information and camera/microphone?

@ieo any idea why this may be happening and if negative audio offset is something we can add?

I am using a Desktop PC computer. Windows 10. Not sure what more information you need on this…

Camera: Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920.

I do not use the webcam microphone for my audio, as it has very poor audio.

Instead, I run my audio through an external mixer and Beringer Multicom Pro-XL, which I think is causing the delay in the audio. So I don’t need MORE of a delay in the audio, but maybe a delay in the video feed…

Hi @jeremyers1,

You can delay video from camera: add it, from the right-click menu select “Resolution”, then adjust Sync Offset, see

This delay is coming from the outside of manycam so it can’t be fixed inside, we can only delay the video. No we can’t add negative delay as it means the sound from the future (not yet spoken).

Thanks! I think that will work. I didn’t know video sync offset was an option, but now that I know it’s there, it should work.

As for predicting future speech, you guys should get right on that! :wink: