My subscription disappeared

am signed into MC and it shows no subscription last week I had one good until 3/26/2020

hey @sheepdog31,

It seems that you requested to delete you ManyCam account earlier, which made your subscription unavailalbe to you. Our support team has contacted you with a solution. If you have any other questions regarding you account or subscription, please don’t hesitate to contact our Support team at

I have no record of the team response. I just got charged for a new renewal and I am the only person involved wing one Mac mini, the subscription I am using now is good until 3 /31/ 2020. Please refund my 39.99 so I can use it in march 2020 or pay use it to renew in march, I do not need 2 subscriptions, I think I forgot I renewed and did it twice that is what caused the confusion. Thank you for your help God Bless, George

please remove me from any auto pay I have stopped auto pays on all accounts Thanks George

Hey @sheepdog31,

In order to check or change the renewal status of your subscription:

  1. Log into your 2CO myAccount at

  2. Go to the “My Products” section where you can check the status of your recurring payments

  3. If the status is “Enabled”, you can click on the “Stop automatic subscription renewal” link and your subscription will not be renewed.

  4. If the status is “Disabled”, the recurring payments for your subscriptions have been stopped. You can enable it anytime.

For more information:

This may have happened to me also…I tried to fix it by buying another subscription because I was in a hurry and never got a response from my email. Then the new subscription disappeared also! Please help!

Same happened to me! I had a lifetime subscription and now it disappeared from my account…

@Support, can you please contact me to restore this? I have the invoice for the payment details.

Hey @shell_croft

I’ve restored your subscription. It’s linked with your icloud email.

Hey @Jesse

It seems that you have used Google social login, but your subscription is linked with an email. Try logging in with your email and password.

Hi there

I am experiencing the same issue. I purchased the lifetime subscription but when I updated manycam today it disappeared. Please help @support

Hey @StacieStiletto

Your subscription is active. You need to restart ManyCam, re-login and activate the subscription.

Same happened to me! I had a lifetime subscription and now it disappeared from my account…

Hey @nina_hickman

According to our records, you’ve started a chargeback process to dispute the validity of the charge. Following this event, your subscription had been locked automatically and will remain unavailable to you until the dispute is settled in our favor. Should the charge be reversed, the subscription will be revoked permanently.

If you still want to continue using the subscription (i.e. the dispute was opened by mistake), you need to contact your issuing bank to resolve the dispute in our favor and forward us ( the confirmation from your bank, so we could pass it to the corresponding department.

@Support, My entire account seems to have disappeared. How do I get my account and lifetime subscription back?

Hey @Sadaboutmanycam,

Please try to re-login into ManyCam app.
To check your subscription activation count visit

@ieo, It made me set up a brand new account. Which has no subscriptions linked to it.


Sorry for the inconvenience.

Please do:

  1. Logoff from ManyCam then close it completely (Ctrl+Q)
  2. Download and double click on this file (allow it to Run):
  3. Start ManyCam and login again.

@ieo Still shows no registered license for me.


I see you use Google to authorize, but you have your subscription linked to email account p***
Please use your email for login.

I have logged in to put Gmail authorized and my regular Gmail. Neither of them shows a subscription for me. Is it possible just to get a new activation code or something? It seems like it would be easier