My ManyCam has stopped to works on Google Meetings or Zoom the video doesnt show

I open the ManyCam it shows my video image and my sund from the microphone of the same camera.

But whenever I go to a meeting it doesnt recognize my image/video source. It shows as I didnt have image source.

What should I do?


I am having the same issue. Wish I could get some help here from manycam

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same problem since windows updated to windows 10 2004 may update. manycam no longer shows at all and i have a meeting soon and cant get anything to work says theres no driver for manycam in device manager, its showing as unknown device,(only know its manycam as the Hardware ID is ManyCam_ManyCam_Virtual_Webcam

Hey @dragonwolf5589 @Doyal_Bryant @ZukHIM

Please uninstall ManyCam with its driver following the steps below:

  1. In Device Manager, click on Imaging devices and choose ManyCam Virtual Webcam -> Uninstall . Please check " Delete the driver software " and press OK .
  2. Uninstall ManyCam and reboot the system, please refer to
  3. Disable antivirus/firewall/defender before proceeding with installation and install ManyCam from our official site

I had a problem with that too, you have to go into settings on google meet (the three dots to the right of the camera icon) and go to your camera and make sure it is selected to manycam, same for audio. I use a document camera and sometimes that takes over.

Good luch

Hey @Stephanie_Gulcher

Are you on mac?

Not working in GMeet for me. But, it was the other day! I’m on Mac.Tried closing / opening - no luck. Reluctant to uninstall but will if I need.

Hey @RobWalden

Please try the following version of ManyCam:
Once installed, please restart your Mac and check if ManyCam Virtual Webcam became available for selection in apps. In particular, please check if you are able to select ManyCam Virtual Webcam here.

If this doesn’t help, please send the output of the following separate commands from the Terminal:

launchctl list com.visicom.ManyCam.VideoDevice.agent
sudo launchctl list com.visicom.ManyCam.VideoDevice.agent
launchctl print system/com.visicom.ManyCam.VideoDevice.agent
launchctl print gui/$(id -u)/com.visicom.ManyCam.VideoDevice.agent