Multiple ManyCam Virtual Cams - documentation needed

There is the feature to create multiple virtual ManyCams within Manycam. However, I do not see what the purpose is? I may miss how to make individual settings for the cams. Unfortunately I see no documentation on this issue either. Is there something that explains the usage of multiple virtual ManyCams?

Hey @axelangeli

Multiple Virtual Webcams were created so users could create multiple output video streams, each with their own watermark.

This way you could create 2-3 different Virtual Cams each with their own watermark for their own purpose, for example…

  • 1on1 training session on Skype for guitar lessons?
    • Driver name = Virtual Webcam for Guitar Lessons
    • Watermark = Guitar lessons with Chris
  • ESL class for a group?
    • Driver name = Virtual Webcam for ESL group 1
    • Watermark = Chris’ ESL Group 1
  • Training session with a client?
    • Driver name = Virtual Webcam for COMPANY training.
    • Watermark = COMPANY training session.

Now you can make sure that every time you do a new class or activity, the watermark is customimzed and only applied at the driver level so it won’t interfere with your canvas. Also, as a side benefit you can see who recorded your sessions. (or at least which group).

Applications like OBS might make use of this feature as well as you could use a different virtual camera to stream to various locations.