Moving image not working

I have ManyCam installed on two Macs — one an iMac running Big Sur, and one a Mac mini (M1) also running Big Sur. But with the iMac version, I can move the camera around by clicking and dragging the image. In the Mac mini version, the image won’t move, and if I unlock it, then it moves but without moving the focus of the camera, but by moving the whole rectangle (thus leaving big blocks of black). Why? How can I get the same functionality (the iMac functionality) on both?

So this feels like a weird and stupid followup because I’m sure I’m missing something obvious, but: I do see I can get the same functionality on the M1 by pressing COMMAND as I click. That allows me to pan/move the camera within the field of its vision. But on my other machines, no COMMAND is required. Why

Hey @lessig,

The behaviour was changed in Version (09/29/2020), so maybe you run different versions on different macs?