More than one virtual cam, with different settings and views

Found on settings| general the option to generate a second virtual webcam. I wonder what are the advantages of a second webcam. Find out that both cams show the same picture. Boring.

My goal is to generate two different cams, with different sources or/ and zoom factors. For example: The first one shows the stream with 720p. Because the are mobile devices in the audience, I want to setup a second cam with a zoomed picture at 320p. So the second cam shows not all of the first cam. It is a zoomed view, say of the center. With this prerequisite I can generate two different streams fĂĽr my audience. One for desktop systems, one for mobile devices. Great.
Can I archive this in the current (beta) version, or is that a feature, which is currently not implemented? If so, I request this feature, because it is useful. Not only for me.

If I am following what you are trying to do…

You can use the second virtual cam and then use the crop settings to change or “zoom” the view. I don’t know if you can change the resolution, however.

I will often use a second preset with the same camera setup to have a pop-up. For example:
Preset One - Cam A
Preset two - Cam A with Insert of the graphic.

I have found that having these in separate presets allows for smoother transitions.

I hope I answered your question.

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That’s not my problem. For me it’s about something completely different. You’re probably confusing “presets” with “virtual cams”. These are very different things.

Okay, sorry I couldn’t help. Hope you get it sorted.

they not help you, coz this not so easy to develop
just use 2 differents softwares. for example manycam and splitcam

I like to enlarge the requirements of this suggestion:
In my web conferencing tool I can use 2 different webcams. I like to use two different ManyCam virtual webcams showing output of two different presets. For instance I need to assign the webcam A and B to virtual webcam “Portrait” and webcam C to a virtual webcam “Workfloor”. This makes it possible to show alway my portrait in the webconference and with the second camera I can use the hot keys to switch between presets.
Well, if it is too difficult to implement this feature … perhaps your competitors will have a closer look to it. :wink:
regards BrunoB

You got the problem right. Your case is already included in my proposal.
My text: “My goal is to generate two different cams, with different sources…”
Replace “different sources” with “different presets”. “Presets” is the ManyCam term for the combination of different sources.