More than one person/computer on screen

Is there any way to use manycam for FB or YT such that I am on screen and another person in another computer who has the manycam program is also on the screen - i.e. using the webcam.

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Hey @Jonathanj,

At the moment there is no way to do this but we are working on a solution that will allow you to invite guests, friends and other ManyCam users into your broadcast.

Soon I’ll be writing up a post about what’s coming next in ManyCam so be sure to keep posted for that!

Lots of things are going to be changing for the better!


Hi @Jonathanj,

If both persons are on the same local network, you may try to use RTMP Input source on your machine and RTMP streaming on another. This way your friend will stream to your PC and you will restream feed to YT (works only on windows).
Another option is using Skype for calling and desktop capture source to capture your friend directly from skype.

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Thanks, hopefully there will be easier way. I’m looking forward to functions. Manycam is great, and deserves much more exposure!

@ieo - Is there an update to this? I’d really like to buy this tool to do live streaming, but I need to be able to invite guests to also join in with their webcam and mic.

Hi @Tanguy_R,

Actually there is an update, you can use Video Calls feature, but it is in beta now:
You can add your friend as a contact by entering his email (both should use beta versions), call him and then add remote video as a source into any layer. His audio (mic) will also be captured just as your local mic and mixed to other audio sources. let me know if you need more detailed instructions.

As another option, you can use Skype, Zoom, etc and 1) capture Skype’s windows (supported in ManyCam 7.1 for windows) 2) capture his sound by adding “System Sound” as your mic (works on windows only). To crop Skype window header/UI, use zoom feature.


Are there more directions for adding a contact somewhere?

Is there any update on being able to invite people to a live broadcast? I really like Manycam, but I do need the ability to bring in people like you can on Switcher

Hey @ArtBoutiki

Try using NDI Inputs

Wow…this is an amazing piece of kit, BUT I really just assumed you would be able to invite people into a broadcast… that changes a LOT as we need it for events… moved away from Restream to this as the features are much stronger, but on Restream you can invite as many people as you want and spotlight them.

Great software though