Mono Audio Source


We are a business subscriber that puts on live streamed conferences with your product.

I wanted to suggest that you add the functionality to convert a mono audio source to dual channel (emulating stereo) so when a sound source (such as a person talking on a microphone] can being live streamed in stereo. Having people speak through one channel makes them extremely quiet when streamed mono to a stereo sound laptop , or headphones.

Currently not having this functionality makes setup more complicated, and burns, time / money / adds a lot of equipment, doing wiring wizardry, that which could be as simple as checking a box on the software.

Hello @Christopher_Frazee,

Try to make mic volume louder, maybe this will help:

I apologize if I was not clear. The volume / gain are all the way up. This also is not a situation where we are using mistaking “line level” versus something with a pre-amp. Also to note this is not “just” a volume problem, it sounds horrible when you are listening to a conference and sound is only coming out of one speaker on a stereo system (laptop, tv, whatever), so somehow increasing volume does not solve the whole problem.

In regards to the volume issue when you have one channel of sound, on a multichannel system (stereo or surround sound) you are cutting the (speakers) effective volume by only using one speaker. This is especially a problem when the listeners are on laptops or cell phones as the speakers are very small.

Please honor my request to be able to make single-channel sound sources multichannel (stereo aka dual mono in my case). This is a VERY common feature in audio editing system, which demonstrates it is a common problem. Hence it should be a feature of any live streaming/mixing/editing software.