Mobile app not connecting

Today, ManyCam has refused to connect to my mobile app. The connection is attempted, but the phone says the laptop closed the connection, and the laptop says there is a network error. I deactivated licences on both and reactivated as the help suggested somewhere, but this made no difference. Help.
I am using a Samsung Galaxy S9 and a Dell Inspiron 17. Could it be a recent Samsung update? Or something else?

I’ve tried a total uninstall/reinstall on both devices, but no joy. ‘Connection refused by remote device’ on my phone and ‘Connection failed. Network error.’ on my laptop.I have nothing left that I can think of trying. Help!

Hey @Darren_Burr,

This may be due to your firewall or antivitus. Routers also often have a firewall of their own. Also try restarting the router.

Additionally, try this guide -