Mixing NDI Audio streams

I’m testing a NDI-enabled network setup with three computers. Two source computers, webcam video + microphone running NDI Scanconvertor. The third computer runs Manycam. Combining the NDI videostreams work fine.

But I can’t get my head around how to combine the NDI audiostreams. In Manycam I see the two audio streams both under ‘preset audio’. Not sure how to use these. Anyhow, I can’t adjust the relative volumes. I would expect the audio streams to show as options up under ‘audio inputs’. Each input has a slider and a sync offset. That is exactly what I’d expect for the NDI audio streams as well.

Do I miss something? Or can’t I mix NDI audio streams?? If the latter, please correct this.



I’m still stuck on this issue. In OBS, the NDI audiostreams become available in the audio mixer, just as I would expect. That is straightforward. In Manycam however, I have still no clue how to combine NDI audiostreams. (How) can this be done???

If you add 2 or more ndi sources to the same preset you get the video/ audio content from all sources as long as you are on that preset.

Thanks Mark, I get.

You can’t help it, but to me, this is a very limited functionality and immature implementation. No level control, no sync control like the other audio sources. Please Dev team, let us treat the NDI audio sources in a similar way than the other sources.