Missing Virtual Backgrounds

When I initially downloaded ManyCam 8 there were a slew of new Virtual Backgrounds. One such background was a “Modern/Luxury Home” living room with a fireplace and gray marble wall.

I did a reinstall of ManyCam 8 today and that Virtual Background is gone. Does anyone know why or where I can find it?

@Djcooler Virtual background images are copyrighted for some amount of time only, so ManyCam changes it often.

Images are stored in %AppData%/ManyCam/Backgrounds folder so you may try to install older version of ManyCam and copy images from this folder.

Do you know where this exists on Mac? I should mention that I think the version is the same, but I can test this suggestion once I can locate the equivalent path. Thanks!

@Djcooler Look here: /Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/ManyCam/ManyCam