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Mic is there any filter as noise reduction?

Hello threre!

I use the audio on Many Cam to mix Music and Mic, any chance to apply filters in Mic. like noise reduction? Thx for your help?

Hi @AlexGray,

There is a corresponding checkbox on the Audio tab:

Move the slider from left to right to set the power of suppression.
Note: this feature is available on Windows only, let us know if you run mac.

I’m on a Mac. What’s the option there? Is this coming for Mac?

I can’t speak to whether noise suppression works on Mac, but part of the original post isn’t answered: Does the “noise suppression” feature work on all audio sources, or just the mic?

The issue here, of course, is that you DO want suppression on the mic, but NOT on the music source. The ManyCam documentation is vague on this: ManyCam Audio Guide – ManyCam Help and Support

Noise suppression works on mics only, not all audio. And on windows only at the moment.