Media Transport Controls


I might have overlooked where to access this, but so far no luck and I would love for there to be “Transport Controls” added to the media broadcast feature.

Sometimes I want to stream a pre recorded interview and once it has been started, you either have to let it run to the end, then replay it OR, remove it, then re-add it again.

Some simple transport funcions would be very usefull (Restart, Forward, Rewind, Loop Playback)

Hey @producer_ben, good to see you back.

Have you tried the Playlist controls?

I had the same question… found your controls… but holy smokes, they’re not on the same screen as the first scene. So, if I want to start a show with a pre-produced video, it seems that I first have to be on-camera, hit record, then quickly switch to Play Controls, hit play, and then… But that, of course, is retarded.

Am I missing something?