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Manycam won't stream to FaceBook

Running MC on Windows 10. It works fine, streams via rtmp to Vimeo, but it won’t stream to FaceBook. Is anyone else seeing this problem or is it just our setup?


Works for me. Could you provide more details?

  1. What version of MC do you run?
  2. Do you use custom server or built-in streaming to facebook and what type of destination (timeline, group, etc)?
  3. What is you encoder? (btw try to change it)
  4. Please attach a screenshot of how it doesn’t work.


Thanks for the response. It’s enough for now to know that the problem is with our setup, not with MC. We’ll do further testing & configuration checks.

Can you explain what you mean by “encoder”?

We have the latest MC (after deleting & re-installing it) plus MC Lite installed but not used. We’re streaming directly from MC to Vimeo (rtmp) but want to also stream directly to FB (our church page). It worked for weeks in 2021 but something changed a month or two ago. MC appears to connect and shows that it’s streaming, but nothing appears on our home page. I suspect that means it’s streaming to the wrong destination - we’ll investigate. We also recently installed a new video card which may also be the problem (though streaming to Vimeo is working fine).


Can you explain what you mean by “encoder”?

In Settings → RTMP Streaming you can change Encoder.

I would also recommend trying ManyCam Lite: ManyCam | Live video software & Virtual Webcam