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Manycam won't start

I downloaded 8.0 this morning. I paid for one year. Now it won’t start from my taskbar… it’s only a clear box. I have the new windows updates and i uninstalled and in stalled many times. I went to device manager to update the driver and windows says they don’t have a driver for it.
Does anyone have any suggestions to get this fixed? I’m real close to uninstalling and getting my money back. Why does it have to be so hard?

I have the same issue and have submitted a support ticket. I’ve tried uninstalling (even tried with Revo Uninstaller) and it will not open. Even going back to version 7 doesn’t work.


Try Start → ManyCam → Reset settings

That doesn’t fix the issue.

@DrComputer Check for crash files here C:\ProgramData\ManyCam\CrashDumps and send them to via Dropbox, Google Drive etc.

Per your request, I have sent a crash dump file to support via Mimecast large file send.

Does support bother to read emails?

@DrComputer Sorry, can’t see your email, please resend.

I have replied to your emails three times from two different email addresses with NO response.

@DrComputer it seems that NVidia driver crashes on startup, please download an older version of the NVidia GPU driver from nvidia web site

Since I’m running the current NVidia drivers, wouldn’t it seem that maybe you should update manycam to work with the current drivers instead of making me downgrade my drivers?

@DrComputer Fresh drivers often crash, it can’t be fixed from ManyCam side.

Downgrading to an older version of the NVidia GeForce driver did allow ManyCam to open.

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I contacted support and reported that ManyCam 7.1 and 8.will not open with GeForce 516.59 (nsd-dch-whql) or 516.94 (dch-whql), or newer drivers installed in early August. I submitted log and dump files but have not received a fix or email response to date.

ManyCam 7.1 and 8.0 works properly with GeForce studio drivers through 512.96. I personally need the latest studio drivers installed, which are historically stable and reliable.

The absence of followup from support and ManyCams decision to defraud holders of lifetime subscription plans were the final nails in the coffin for my continued patronage of this product. Based on my needs, I have predominately moved to XSplit and OBS-Studio. Conversely, I paid for a working version of ManyCam and I was hoping this problem would have been addressed after almost two month.

Is anyone aware of a fix?

@Rick Please try to contact NVidia support: I FOUND A BUG, WHERE DO I GO TO REPORT IT? | NVIDIA

Thank you for the suggestion. I may try this. However, I am uncertain why Manycam is not taking an active role in addressing incompatibilities with their software.