Manycam Won't Save or Play UTube Videos

Hello. Here is my issue: I use very quick and short UTube videos in my classroom to enhance the learning experience for my students and they really like it. I have been using this function and these UTube videos for more than a year and they were working great with no problems in Manycam. Several months ago, I started having problems where as soon as I hit the play button in Manycam, the video would run to the end without playing and the message from Manycam would say “Invalid Source”. Then it started working again, so I thought all was good and the bugs were worked out. But now the issue is back again and the same Utube videos I have been using for over a year are not working in Manycam. I tried to download the videos again from UTube and even tried to download brand new videos that I haven’t used before, and Manycam will not save anything from Utube. The message from Manycam says that it has failed to load and to check the URL. Well, I always copy the URL directly from UTube, so that is not the problem.

I am using the most current version per Manycam and it is used with the VIPKID Teachers App.

Why am I not able to save and play UTube vidoes using the UTube feature in Manycam? Why am I not able to play existing UTube videos that once worked perfectly?

Thank you,
Teacher Wendy Ow

Hey @wbaudin,

Thanks for joining the ManyCam community.

At the moment YouTube is changing quite a few things related to how the videos are ingested by ManyCam, which we then need to releases fixes for.
We’re looking at a new way which will be released soon that will remedy this issue on a more “permanent” basis.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience!

Thank you Christopher for the update. I hope your fixes will be very soon.

I submitted a request to help desk a few minutes ago. . Today the driver is now failed. I loaded the most current windows update last nite and now nothing works with Manycam. Unable to use for my classes today. Hope we can get resolved soon.

Hi @wbaudin,

Sometimes ManyCam driver gets uninstalled during a Windows update and you may start getting ‘Communication with the driver failed’ as a result. Here’s how to fix this:

  1. Uninstall ManyCam,
  2. Restart your machine,
  3. Download and install the latest version.

For more information, please refer to this page.

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Thank you Mikahil, however, I wanted to save all the pictures I have loaded into Manycam, before I uninstall so I don’t have to reload them all again. I have over 100 pictures. I viewed this link so I could save my effects,
but the file c:\users\user_name\appdata\roaming\manycam\ that the instructions say to find is not in my computer. I have a new HP laptop so its not due to the computer being outdated. What other file could these be under?
I would like to suggest that Manycam makes it easier when Windows has an update, so we can keep and not loose our pictures we have saved in Manycam. Because whenever we uninstall it, everything we have saved is gone and we have to start all over again.

If I understand you correctly, by ‘pictures’ you mean ‘effects’. If that’s the case, have you tried this solution yet -

The Utube videos are still not loading and working. I still receive the invalid source notice. Have you been able to update Manycam so that Utube and Manycam communicate? Thank you

We are working on a lot of changes at the moment, and YouTube URL is one of them. Given the circumstances, we are completely revamping this feature along with a few more things to ensure its stable work. There is no particular timeframe for this yet as a lot of things are involved.

In the meantime, we’ve implemented a temporary workaround that allows using YouTube URL, but it’s not as reliable.

YouTube is a real pain for a lot of software companies at present as they’re playing around with DRM as they have a “free” and “paid” version of YouTube nowadays.

If you haven’t already, you can try ripping the YouTube video using HDvideo converter or freemake converter (or some similar program) them import that rip into manycam

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