ManyCam virtual audio cable monitoring

I doubt this is possible currently so this is probably a feature request but here goes…

I’ve been playing around with a couple of virtual audio cable drivers; VB-Audio (single channel free) and Virtual Audio Cable (pay). Trying to potentially use some sound effects in the audio stream of ManyCam and I don’t want the entire “system sounds” being directed into ManyCam. Just need audio from specific apps.

Both work fine and can be assigned in ManyCam as an audio source. But freebies like VB-Audio are pretty basic and will route audio from apps into the virtual line and nothing else. That means, the audio feed from that vCable is silent since it goes into the vCable and then out ManyCam to the client app. I can turn on “Audio Monitoring” in ManyCam but that reflects ALL audio sources, including my mic. This is disconcerting to hear my own voice as I’m talking

Virtual Audio Cable has a utility for repeating the vCable audio to another output. This is great since it lets me hear the “sound effects” line like listeners to my ManyCam audio stream. But, you know… $$$$.

Is there any way to selectively monitor individual audio inputs in ManyCam? It would be great to have a solution in ManyCam for the issue.



I use Voicemeeter Potato which allows for all the audio routing you need and it is very reasonably priced.

I actually have all of my devices on one PC and use VBAN audio network to talk to the computer running ManyCam. It is a little complex to set up but once it is set up correctly it works great. I found that the virtual audio cables although good, have limitations (dynamic routing).

Thanks for the direction, Steve. I knew VB Audio had some more advanced tools but I thought they were a bit more than I needed. But, I did grab VoiceMeeter and gave it a whirl. Bit of a learning curve but nothing that couldn’t be handled with a couple of YouTube tutorial videos

VoiceMeeter certainly does cover everything I need. Just had to get my mind off of trying to route different audio streams through ManyCam.

Thanks again!

My pleasure. For me, my setup is complex enough that it took me quite a while. Now that it is set up correctly, I just save the setting and reload them at Windows Startup and don’t really have to worry about much any more. Again my primary PC has the only real audio ins and outs and I use VBAN to send Audio to ManCam (and Zoom) and to get audio back into my primary PC (that has headphones, mics and speakers).


I use Loopback for similar purposes.
It’s super flexible and relatively inexpensive.
Highly recommended :slight_smile: